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A therapy-focused website template 


An online course to guide you as you customize and write your website. 

🚀 Fast track your first therapy website so you can spend your time and energy building your business instead of staring at a screen. 

How does Website in a Weekend work?

  • You purchase Website in a Weekend and gain immediate access to the course.

  • I'm notified and spring into action... 🏃🏽‍♀️

  • I grab your template, change the permissions, and invite you to your new Squarespace site within 24 hours of purchase.

  • You get an email invite from Squarespace (accept the invite!)

  • I transfer ownership of the website to you.

  • You start a free trial with Squarespace as you customize your website.

  • You use the course, prompts, and template to create your first therapy website!

Here's what you get when you purchase Website in a Weekend: 

✨ A one-page therapy website template for Squarespace

 ✨ This template includes all the basics you’ll need for your first website

 ✨ Customizable and mobile responsive

 ✨ Ready to connect to your domain

 ✨ Basic instructions for expanding your website when you choose

✨ An online course to support you as you create your website

 ✨ Video tutorials to guide you through customization

 ✨ Resources for branding and messaging

 ✨ Prompts and guidance on what to write on your website

 ✨ Videos and resources to point you in the right direction for any other questions

This is your chance to be the savvy business owner you know you are — it's your opportunity to buy your time back by investing in a resource that will get your business online without the hassle.

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16 Lessons

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16 Lessons in Website in a Weekend :



Welcome - your new website is around the corner!

Planning Phase

Make A Plan Before Jumping In

Resources for brand colors & photos

Choose brand colors and gather images!

Optimizing Pictures

Resize photos for uploading!

The Website

Getting Started

An overview of the welcome video + what's in all the tabs

Changing fonts/colors/buttons

Change colors, fonts and button styles!

Changing photos and more!

Confidently change photos and more!

What about the other pages and a blog?

Here's why this is only 1 page

Writing Your Website

Gathering Inspiration - Part 1

Gather inspiration from other websites

Gathering Inspiration Part 2

Check out more websites and gather inspiration

Writing your website

Get website feedback from a friend

Have someone review your website.

Backend/SEO Tasks

Legalities For Your website

Cover your legal bases

Pushing the "publish" button

Publish Your Website!

BONUS: Expanding your website

How to expand your website as your business grows