Website in a Weekend

A Squarespace website template for OT/PT/SLP professionals


An online course to guide you as you customize and write your website.

🚀 Fast track your first therapy website so you can spend your time and energy building your business instead of staring at a screen.

Here's what you get when you purchase Website in a Weekend:

✨ A one-page therapy website template for Squarespace

 ✨ Including all the necessary sections for your website

 ✨ Customizable and mobile responsive

 ✨ Ready to connect to your domain (or purchase a domain inside Squarespace)

 ✨ Bonus: instructions for expanding your website when you choose

✨ An online course to guide your website creation

 ✨ Video tutorials to guide you through each step

 ✨ Resources for branding and messaging

 ✨ Prompts and guidance on what to write on your website

 ✨ Videos and resources to point you in the right direction for any other questions

✨ ChatGPT prompts, guidance, and tutorials

 ✨ Video lessons and walk-throughs to help you leverage ChatGPT and reach your goals faster.

Buy your time back by investing in a resource that will get your business online without the hassle.

30 Lessons

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Welcome - your new website is around the corner!

Preparations & Groundwork for a Strong Website

Make A Plan Before Jumping In

Who is reading your website?

Define your ideal client

What's the goal of your website?

Identify the goal of your website & the CTA

Branding - colors, fonts & photos

Choose brand colors and gather images!

Optimizing Pictures

Resize photos for uploading!

Your "Brand Voice" (the words)

What about the other pages and a blog?

Here's why this is only 1 page

Making Your Website Look & Feel Like You

Changing your site style

Making your website look like your own

Edit images, shapes, and sections

Customize your images, shapes, and sections

Editing the header & footer

Customize the header and footer of your website

Optional: Changing the Hero banner

Change your top panel if needed

Optional: Rearranging/Adding Sections

Embrace the freedom to make this website your own!

Writing Your Website

Overview: Writing your website

Copywriting basics, voice, tone, and tools

Gathering Inspiration - Part 1

Gather inspiration from other websites

Gathering Inspiration Part 2

Check out more websites and gather inspiration

ChatGPT Prompts for Website Writing

Prime ChatGPT to help you write your website!

Writing: Hero Section & Value Statement

Write the hero & value statement sections of your website

Writing: Services Section

Write the services section

Writing: Pain to New Hope Section

Write the Pain to New Home sections

Writing: About You Section

Write the About You section

Writing: Testimonials & Contact Sections

Writing: Transformation Statement & Footer

Write the transformation statement and footer

Get website feedback from a friend

Have someone review your website.

Backend/SEO Tasks

More Backend/Tech Stuff

Legalities For Your website

Cover your legal bases

Pushing the "publish" button

Publish Your Website!

BONUS: Design Guide from a Squarespace website designer

Design Guide & Explaination

Avoid the top website design mistakes.

Expanding Your Website

BONUS: Expanding your website

How to expand your website as your business grows